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Thread: Vibe not for Linux desktops?

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    Vibe not for Linux desktops?

    Hi list,

    As a NOWS customer, I thought to give also Vibe and GroupWise-Vibe integration a try to see if this is suited for small projects and project document management for team of consulting engineers (drawings, structural calculations etc).

    But after I read another comment regarding Vibe 3.3 Add-In for Microsoft Office and Novell Vibe Desktop
    I also wonder if Vibe 3.4 cannot be used from Linux and SUSE desktops at all?

    Are we now in the situation and trend that the latest Novell GroupWise has native client for Windows only, webaccess for Mac and Linux, and GroupWise data syncronizer for mobile platforms.
    Vibe Desktop is available for Windows and Mac, and nothing for Linux desktops SLED? I don't know how mobile platforms possibly can use it?

    If there is no sign or plans to support also Linux desktop any soon, Vibe looks to be not applicable for my purpose?

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