I created a report to find machine that do not have .NET Framework 4.5, however the resultant machines in the report did in fact have .NET Framework 4.5.

What is confusing is that I started with Product Name = .NET Framework and got a listing of versions, as shown here:
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And then modified the report to include Product Version = 4.5
And got the results.
So to find the machines that do *NOT* have this installed, it seemed my only option was to use the criteria "Product is Deleted = Yes". Is this correct?
I then got the results. Those machines I checked do have .NET Framework.

But then I found a Criteria entry of Product = Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.1. When I ran that report I got 0 records.

So why is "Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.1" producing no results, but the Product/Version is producing results, but the results showing machines having that deleted does in fact have .NET Framework installed?

Or, simply, how do I reliably create a report to find workstation that do not have .NET Framework 4.5?