Good day,

I have been circling back to this project, to better mimic my customers environment, I'm currently using ZCM 11.3.1 as my Primary Server, with Sybase Internal, I'm on a very small home network.

My goal is to be able to use ZCM 11.3.1 as the patching source for my network environment, I currently use an SMT server and it works quite well, however; I'm trying to match my customers environment more closely.

Please see the following:

I have the Bundles available in ZCC. To proceed forward I selected the SLED11-SP3-Pool-bundle and the SLED11-SP3-Updates-bundle for my SLED11 desktop. I assigned both bundles to the device.

However; issue 1 appeared.

When I perform the Following (on the managed device in this case a SLED11 SP3 desktop):

zac ref

zac bl

I'm not seeing the Bundles assigned to the desktop. All I see are

Discover Applicable Updates Linux-SUSE-x86_64-en-SLED-11.3 Linux Patch Bundle Available Device. Confirmed visually within the ZCC admin console. Under the "direct" tab.

When I try to assign the bundles in ZCC it reports that the Bundles are already assigned, and errors out unless I select the check box to replace the current bundles. Again only seeing the above bundle, under Direct,(Inherited and All nothing)
I searched through the Documentation for 11 support pack 3, started with Patch Management, but not seeing if this process changed from 11.2.4 MU 1 to 11.3.1 (my current environment)is this documented so that I can work through the process? Or has this been changed for 11.3.1?

At this time trying to patch my SLED 11 desktop with the bundle(s) for pool and updates, then moving towards servers SLES11SP3/OES11SP2.

Thank you,