I'm setting up Filr 1.0.1 and have reached to a point where I tried to share files with some external users. Sharing itself works fine, but I noticed that external users (created via email) cannot add files to their My Files.

I have set up the system so that eDirectory users imported via LDAP see their Home directory under My Files. In Administration console under Management > Personal Storage I have UNCHECKED "Allow users to have personal storage area" because, as the Administration Guide says:

IMPORTANT:This setting affects only users whose accounts are synchronized to your Filr system via LDAP. Users who are created locally (as described in Section 14.2, Creating a New Local User) always have access to personal storage in the My Files area.
However, when a user who was created via e-mail logs in and goes to My Files, they do not have the button bar with "Add files" and "New folder" buttons.

The internal 'admin' user has these buttons and can upload files to My Files.

I have tried checking the "Allow users to have personal storage area" checkbox, but this doesn't change the situation. I have also gone to Management > User Accounts and Enabled Personal Storage for that particular user, but this also doesn't help.

If eDirectory user shares a folder with external user and gives Contributor rights, then external user can add files to that folder.

I was expecting that eDirectory users see only their Home Directory under "My Files" and external users have personal storage on Filr server itself. What can I do to achieve this?