We're running Zenworks 11.2, and we have a bunch of OES 11 SP2 servers that we need to work as satellite servers, so we've installed the adaptive agent (PreAgentPkg_AgentLinuxComplete.bin) on some of them.

But after that we found that pages like "Welcome" (http://server/welcome), QuickFinder Admin (http://server/qfsearch/admin), and even iManager (http://server/nps/) stopped working, all of them gives us a 404 error.

Also found that apache2 can't start until the adaptive agent service is stopped; and after starting apache2, those services also start working as expected.

I found that this happens because "jsvc.exec" grabs port 80/tcp before apache2.

Seems that I'm missing some point on the deployment process, as this should not happen. How can I reconfigure the adaptive agent so it doesn't conflict with apache2?