Our ZMM app is updated to on our smartphones.
This gives problem on our Samsung S3 devices.

They get a "Pricavy policy" screen which need to cancel or confirm.
This will be triggered everytime the ZENworks app syncs.

If you accept the "Privacy policy" then the smartphone will not be able to disable wifi , disable gps, disable mobile data, go to settings. Google play store icon is gone...
Message that you get when opening settings on android: "Changing of settings limited by the security policy"

Tried it mutiple samsung galaxy s3 phones all the same problem.

Since in previous version of ZMM there was also a problem.. i still had the previous ZMM 2.9.1 version apk file.
Wiped phone installed the older version did a sync then there is no problem...

Our server is at version 2.9.1.
Is this a known bug at Novell?