Running Sles11sp3 with OES11sp2 and GW2012.

Everything was running fine yesterday and then I applied all the
patches for the "Shellshock - Bash" vulnerability. I then restarted the server.
All the GroupWise modules (po/mta/gwia/gwdv) load and run correctly but
the Webaccess has an issue.

When trying to restart the Novell-tomcat6 the following error occurs:
"lock file found but no process running for pid xxxx"

Deleting the pid file doesn't help. In the file /var/opt/novell/tomcat6/logs/catalina.out
the are a number of "java" errors, but the main error is "SEVERE: Begin event threw error"
"Throwable occurred java.lang NoClassDefFounfError: javaxservlet.http.HttpServletRequest"

So it would seem that the patch updates changed ownership of a folder/file or modified a config file somewhere.

As always, any suggestions or help will be greatly appreciated.....