I am trying to write a Folder Redirection GPO for the Documents library in Windows 7 that will redirect the My Documents folder to the My Files location of Filr. This policy is intended to provide laptop/mobile users a consistent home directory experience rather than a server based location that would not exist when they take the laptop out of the office. I've redirected the path to C:\Users\%USERNAME%\Filr\My Files, to which the GPResults keep saying that policies cannot find the location. Filr has already been installed, configured and synced on the system.

When I go back to my GPO I see that the path in the entry box stops at C:\Users but in the example below the box I see C:\Users\Carol\Filr\My Files like I would expect to see. I'm suspecting that the space in the name is causing my issues but I was wondering if anyone else out there has been successful in redirecting My Documents to My Files in Filr by Group Policy.