Hi all,
We are running a NSD 7.0.3 Appliance here, with a very simple setup. All jobs are 'Incidents' and we are using the built in Incident workflows.
At the moment, when a ticket is created, it is initially set to Pending. It needs to be modified to 'Open', Saved, then changed to 'Closed' when it is finished. We have a one person helpdesk, and he has asked us if we can change the workflow so the initial status is 'Open', and skip the pending altogether.
Is this an easy thing to do? Last time I tried tweaking a workflow, the end result wasn't pretty. Should I copy the current workflow to a new one, then attempt to modify, or just build a new workflow from scratch? Can I simply make 'Open' the initial status, (and make 'pending' NOT the initial status) without causing damage?

Ideas are welcome.