We are seeing A LOT of error messages like this one in the nfragentd.log files (one scan can generate 4 full log files!):

less /var/opt/novell/filereporter/agent/log/nfragentd.log

01 2014-11-06 00:59:57 -18000 3 0006 43591 7f0f49bce700 SRSScanAndCollectFileSystemDataService::GetScanDat aEntryMetaDataAndSecurityInfo() - Called AddSecurityPrincipalToInventory(L"SERVER", 32848, false), Scan ID = "982", Result = 15. {Cr

Is it something to worry about, or is it something benign like the owner of the file has been deleted from eDir? If it is benign, how can this be suppressed?

Also this seems to delay the scan, so resolving this would improve scan performance.