FILR 1.1.0 build 3888

Large install, 3 devices.
Syncing with eDir 8.8 SP8 on OES11SP2
Approx 1100 user objects.

Home drives are spread across 5 different servers. The shared user folders
are all on one server.

Home drive mappings work fine. Net folder shares do not show for any user
except the Filr built-in admin user. Tried with a netfolder_proxy user and
the eDir admin accounts. Results were the same. Blew away the DB and
performed a LDAP import of all users. Rebuilt the Net Folder share and
assigned All Internal users to it. The Netfolder_proxy has all rights at the
root of the DATA volume and at the root of the SHARED folder. The results
are still the same. ATT I am at a loss. Anny suggestions would be greatly


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