I'm having some problems with ZENworks Mobile Management 3.0 which I can't figure out.

Some info:
MS Server 2008 R2
SQL Server 2008 SP1
All updates installed

I have a functional LDAP connection to our AD.

When I'm registering new devices through the ZENworks application on iOS-devices everything works like a charm and the APN profile is installed without any problems.

So far so good, I can now make changes to our default policy and the changes are applied to the device.

Now to the juicy part, when I create iOS Corporate Resources and choose to deploy to an LDAP group (which I'm a member of) I can see in the dashboard that the resource is delivered to my user and device.
But the resource is never deployed to the physical device. Then I looked in the logs on the device and found these two errors in the iOS MDM Sync Log:

Device returned ERROR status

Database Error
Failed running query:
DELETE FROM CommandsByDevice WHERE DeviceSAKey = ? AND UUID = ?
ExecuteSQL returned status: -1
State: 23000
Native: 547
Error: [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]The DELETE statement conflicted with the REFERENCE constraint ""FK_Profile_For_Removal"".
The conflict occurred in database ""MDM"", table ""dbo.iOSProfilesForRemoval"", column 'CommandsByDeviceSAKey'

When I get this error the device stops talking to the MDM and no changes are applied to it. I have tried on different devices and with other LDAP-accounts but same error is presenting itself.

The only way to get rid of this is by resetting the device for enrollment, then everything works until I assign a iOS Corporate Resource.

I can assign a iOS Corporate Resource directly to the user and that works just fine.