I don't find the online help or the docs to be very good at explaining this, so maybe someone can enlighten me (Shaun?--haha)

ZCM 11.3.1
Patch Policy Enforcement settings in the Zone

Reboot is enabled
Notify users is checked
Default message

Suppress reboot = no (would seem kinda dumb to enable reboot and suppress the reboot?) I mean if you set it to "yes" it doesn't reboot, right?
Allow user to cancel = no (I'm assuming this, with the item below, means a reboot will happen, just that you can postpone it a certain amount?)
Allow user to Snooze = yes
Snooze Interval = 30 minutes
Reboot within = 4 hours
Show Tray Notification = Yes (what happens if you say "no". Does the user never get notified that a reboot is needed??)
Tray Notification duration = 20 seconds (what does this do?) Is this a little pop-up icon and after 20 seconds you NEVER SEE IT AGAIN? Or you never see it again for 30 minutes?

In other words, if *I* interpret the above a certain way I would think the resulting behavior would be:

Patches finish applying (user never sees the patches as they apply in terms of progress bars, etc.)
User gets a pop-up notification on the tray that says something like "click OK to reboot NOW" or click SNOOZE to delay by 30 minutes. Then if you do NOT reboot, you can "snooze" 7 more times until you hit 4 hours and then you'll reboot?