I have a few clients that use Vibe Desktop for syncing their files from a team workspace for offline use. They are having some issues with specific users being unable to sync anything but the folder structure. No files within these folders are ever synced. I have attempted to remove and then re-add the specified workspace, uninstall and reinstall Vibe Desktop, but that has not resolved the issue.

To help diagnose this issue, I installed Vibe Desktop on my own workstation and I am experiencing the same issue. I am able to login and access the files within our team workspaces through the website, but when I add that workspace to my installed Vibe Desktop client (or access it through any other means [GroupWise, etc.]), the folder structure is replicated, but no files are added.

I have checked the permissions my user has for the workspace and folders within the workspace I am attempting to sync, and they are all in order as far as I can tell. I have as much access(admin) as all the other users have but I am the only one in my office that cannot sync them using the desktop client.

One thing of note, another user recently added a new file to our team workspace, and that file was synced properly. I know that my user was created after the majority of the files and folders were created (I am a recent hire for the company), so that may be another avenue of inquiry to explore.

My question is: Is this strictly a rights issue and if not, what else would prevent me from external access to the files? I know I have rights for the workspace and folders specifically, but do I need to check each individual file within those folders for access rights? At this point I know I can sync some things, and rights is a solution that instantly comes to mind in cases like these.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.