I have an increasing number of users (including myself) who receive SOME (but not all) emails from the outside, and the body of the message is blank. Sometimes changing the view to plain text allows you to see the message, but sometimes not. In looking at GWIA, I noticed another issue (which is probably unrelated), I see that 90%+ of what is on the GWIA screen are emails to invalid recipients, but the names are domain names with @ourname.org added to the end, ie "nypd.org@ourdomain.org". There's a huge volume of these, and I have not found anything on the internet about any kind of email storm thing going on. I have done maintenance from the primary domain down, no changes. We use Netmail for spam filter, trying to get their support to look at it and tell me why both things are happening. Has anyone seen this, either the blank email body or the odd addresses on GWIA? I had the senders send me mail to another GroupWise system that is also 8.0.3, all agents the same version, and they came in fine. I really think it's not GroupWise but I don't know where to go other than Netmail.