I just started to look in to tinkering with GW monitor on 2014 after never really having bothered with it and running into a few minor issues that I'd like to confirm if they are normal or not.

I created a special Monitor external GroupWise domain with an external POA in it and a user to receive the GWIA accounting data.
I set up my own account to forward these accounting emails to this external user and the file gets processed OK, its just that the relayed e-mail keeps an unread (under way) status in my sent items.
Is this normal ? Also wouldn't it be better to just add the external user as a gateway administrator to the GWIA ?

I'm slightly worried that it will keep the accounting emails in some sort of hold folder on the server which will slowly fill up.

Second thing, I made another external GW domain for the performance testing as specified in the documentation, I can't select the monitor domain for that for some reason.
If I select this domain for performance testing nothing will happen but if I select the production domain then it starts to work ?
Is this a documentation error or did I make a logic error somewhere and this extra performance test domain isn't actually needed ?