We upgraded from GW 7 to 2014. Started with new server, dumped the domain files and post office files on the new server and ran the install. All is going well. PO and Domain converted to 2014 without a hitch. Users can send and receive emails from the internet using the GWIA and Groupwise clients fine.

We have a helpdesk which acts as a Groupwise user and picks up mail which is directed to support@ourdomain.com. The helpdesk uses POP3 to retrieve emails from Groupwise and generates support tickets. In the GW7 system this worked well but now we have a problem. When the helpdesk tries to login the user gets rejected. The log file looks like:

13:49:56 07FC Accepted POP3 connection with:
13:49:56 07FC POP3 command: CAPA
13:49:56 07FC POP3 command: USER Support
13:50:03 07FC GroupWise login failed: 8503
13:50:03 07FC POP3 command: USER Support
13:50:09 07FC GroupWise login failed: 8503
13:50:09 07FC POP3 command: USER Support
13:50:16 07FC GroupWise login failed: 8503
13:50:16 07FC POP3 command: QUIT
13:50:16 07FC POP3 session ended:

This is a simple domain with one MTA, one GWIA, one Post office all running on a single Windows 2012 server.

I have disabled the firewall on the server.
I have set the Post office link for the domain and the link shows MTA port=7101 and C/S port=1677
The access control on the GWIA has the Default class of service which has everyone as members and POP3 has Allow access selected.

The POA has MTA port=7101 and Internal port 1677
The MTA has Message transfer port=7100
The GWIA has Message transfer=7102, smtp=25, pop=110, imap=143
All agents have the same IP address specified as an IP address rather than name.

If I telnet onto the GWIA on port 110 and try to log on I get the following trace:

+OK GroupWise POP3 server ready
USER Support
-ERR GroupWise Login Failed
+OK GroupWise POP3 server signing off

There is approximately a 6 second delay before the -ERR message appears.

Please can somebody point out what I have not got set up correctly. If you require any more information, please let me know.

Thanks in advance
Mark Hodson