need help.

In short: Method "WantCommand(...)" and "BuildCommand(...)" arent invoked /called
while another C3PO generated plug-in (which creates a new context menu entry) works well.

Windows 7, 64 bit, GroupWise Client 2012 (12.0.3 16.11.2014) build version 118451.

Done steps:
1.) Generated code via C3PO wizard.

2.) Taken wizards steps:
-> "Commands" selected
-> "GW.MESSAGE.MAIL" added
-> "Commandas to use in context:"

3.) Next steps:
- Wizard created code openend in VS 2013, converted to .sln,
- .snk created and added to project
- post-build event added
- MessageBox.Show("..."); commands added here
MessageBox.Show("In GWCommand.Execute(...)");
MessageBox.Show("In CommandFactory.BuildCommand(...)");
MessageBox.Show("In CommandFactory.WantCommand(...)");

Visual Studio 2013 is under Admin.Rights started due the fact that the post-build event/batch needs Admin.Right.
Solution is rebuild with "Rebuild All succeeded".
The registry key is made and looks as described in documentation.
(around page 20)
The post-build event does:
- copy all ".dll" files from "...\VS..\bin\" to GroupWise Client 2012 installation path ("C:\Program Files (x86)\Novell\GroupWise\").

- un-cache all ".dll" files: ... gacutil /u ...dll
- un-register all ".dll" files: ... regasm -u ...dll

- register all ".dll" files: ... regasm ...dll
- cache all ".dll" files: ... gacutil ...dll

(Note the un-cache/un-register and register/cache order!)

4.) Made test steps:
- GroupWise Client 2012 closed
- regedit.exe under Admin.Rights opened and registry key
beyond "...\SOFTWARE\Novell\GroupWise\" deleted
- Visual Studio 2013 with Admin.Rights opened, solution loaded, "Clean Solution", then "Rebuild Solution" called
(checked whter "Rebuild All succeeded" is shown)
- GroupWise Client 2012 started.
- new email created and to collegue sent,
- existing email replyed
- existing email forwarded

No messagebox/pop up shown!

Code doesnt work, means methods
CommandFactory.WantCommand(...) and CommandFactory.BuildCommand(...)
are never called!

On the other side is the registry key created.

See also here

Known GroupWise Client 2012 bug!

(see "09-march-2012 ..." and ahead)

Works also NOT with GroupWise 2012 Client(12.0.3 16.11.2014) build version 118 451.

Its currently not clear whether Novel added the FTF ->(Field Test File) fix to a supported and released GroupWise Client 2012 version.
So we could currently not say whether build version 118451 contains the "FTF" bug fix or not!

But I beleave its fixed since 12.0.1 as said in the the thread ...

Any idea why its not working?