First, please don't laugh at me for still running NW60.

One of my three NW60 servers has suffered a hardware failure.
Fortunately, this server was lightly used and is really only needed
because it is the SLP Directory Agent; it does not have an NDS replica.
Since our clients look to its IP address for the DA, I would like to
bring up a replacement on spare hardware.

Since all our user files are on one server, which remains healthy, do I
really need a DA at all, or will clients care if the old DA is down?

I don't think I would need to make the new server assume the name or
identity of the old one. If I really need a DA, I think I could just
bring up a new server, using the same IP address of the dead one, and
make it the DA.

Any advide is gratefully acknowledge in advance. Thanks.