I would like ALL of my distributed applications to start in (for example) the /ZENWorks/ folder in the Application Launcher, with all other folders/apps under that. Basically I want ZENWorks to be the root folder in the window and all other folders/apps under that regardless of where the application is assigned or stored (as in subfolders under the Bundles folder).

Is there any way to force all applications this way? I have been typing the full path (/ZENWorks/Folder1/app) into each application's Folder Path setting and this has worked, but I am looking for something easier/more dynamic than typing /ZENWorks/ for every application.

I found the Default Folder setting in Configuration->ZENworks Explorer Configuration, but it doesn't appear to work in the way I want it to. With /ZENworks/ in the Default folder setting and an application's Folder Path set to "Folder1/app", I would like the application's icon to show in the /ZENWorks/Folder1/app folder instead of the bundle's subfolder/Folder1/app. The application bundle is in "/Bundles/subfolder".

Example: An application bundle is in "Bundles->subfolder"; its ZENworks Explorer Folder path is set to "Folder1/app" (no leading slash). The application shows up in "subfolder/Folder1/app" and I want it to show in "ZENWorks/Folder1/app". If I set the application's ZENworks Explorer Folder path to "/ZENWorks/Folder1/app", it shows up where I want it to.

Thanks in advance for any help.