Hello all,

Not sure if this is the proper fourm or not, but here goes. We have a moderate sized GW (2014) install, and over the past six months a new project to put network enabled scanners has presented me with a new challenge. These scanners are capable of emailing the scanned documents directly to our users, the problem we are having with this is over 1/2 of our facilities are very remote and have a single T1 at best connectivity. When scanned documents are emailed to our users these usually very large (sometimes in excess of 10MB) files must traverse the terrible WAN links to our GWIA then back out to the user. This is obviously horribly inefficient, and as the scanners are increasing in numbers and popularity I am finding it is maxing out many of our links during periods of heavy scan activity.

I am wondering if there is a way, possibly a GW account or other??? that would allow the local postoffice to accept these scanned documents; much like when users email files to each other (don't ask I know they can use *shares* they are users and sometimes do things their own way) if they are in the same postoffice that file never leaves the postoffice, rather than our current setup which sends to the GWIA then back to the user.

Thanks for your ideas,