Hopefully others have experience with this..

I have created a standalone installation package through Kaspersky Security Center, it spit out a setup.exe (400mb) that installs the Network Agent, followed by the Endpoint Security agent. The problem is, if I create a bundle that launches setup.exe, zenworks thinks its "done" when infact the install has just started and continues on with the rest of the imaging process. eventually rebooting the workstation in the middle of kasperskys install still running in the background.

I have a "standard apps" bundles that runs automatically as part of the imaging process, its simply a list of "Install Bundle X".. installs groupwise, office, etc one after the other until they're done, then reboots the workstation... they're all MSIs though and very simple.

According to Kaspersky, using MSIs isn't much of an option.

Any tips?