Running GW2014sp1hp1 on SLES11sp3 with OES on EXT3 file system.
The WebAccess components are loaded onto a SLES11sp3 XEN VM with 6gb ram and 2 cpu's.

Accessing the system works fine for a couple of users but as soon as there is a load, the webaccess dies
a slow death I can access the server and it responds correctly, but I think the java components have
an issue. I have also changed the java heap size to 4gb but still no joy. There are no issues in the log files.

Locally, when the server is under a load (200 users) it can take 5 to 10 seconds to open or close a mail.
My remote users complain that the same operation can take more than 30 seconds for the same task.

So I fired up a new VM and installed GW2012sp3 web components with 4gb ram and the system is flying.
Opening mail from a remote location takes 3 seconds and locally takes under 1 second.

Any ideas, suggestions, complains etc will be appreciated.