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Thread: PRU is not synced with the LC_TallyProducts

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    PRU is not synced with the LC_TallyProducts


    For a bit more than a year now our inventory service has been malfunctioning, making our servers just collecting the inventory files and not actually doing anything with them.

    If i check loader-messages.log while restarting services this sticks out:

    [TRACE] [02/02/2015 15:16:30.941] [10424] [ZENLoader] [76] [] [ApplyPruAM] [] [Applied PRU is version 3.6.A.16:20131202] [] [] [] [ZENServer]
    [TRACE] [02/02/2015 15:16:30.942] [10424] [ZENLoader] [76] [] [ApplyPruAM] [] [Applied LMPRU is version 3.6.A.16:20131105] [] [] [] [ZENServer]


    [TRACE] [02/02/2015 15:17:01.340] [10424] [ZENLoader] [75] [] [InventoryStorer] [] [PRU is not synced with the LC_TallyProducts ### PRUVersion:3.6.A.16:20131202 LMPRUVersion3.6.A.16:20131105] [] [] [] [ZENServer]

    This last line is then repeated once in a while, perhaps whenever a client uploads an inventory report.

    Trying to deploy new PRUs the following seems to happen:

    1. The PRU is downloaded to /var/opt/novell/zenworks/content-repo/system-update/5D023C0602F248D9AEEB7CCA2E351132
    2. It is unzipped to /var/opt/novell/zenworks/system-update/apply/5d023c0602f248d9aeeb7cca2e351132
    3. Then it bails out trying to apply the PRU, complaining that a zip file can't be extracted (see attatched log)

    The file in 1) above is a working zip file, seems to be copied to 2) and unzipped. In 2) there is a folder named pre which contains pru.zip. I suppose this is created somehow, but unfortunately is seems broken.

    I've tried downloading the PRU on two servers, one old and one new that hasn't had any PRUs applied at all. Same result.

    Looking at https://www.netiq.com/support/kb/doc.php?id=7014562 it's suggested to check if PRUVersion and LMPRUVersion from the NC_Pru table in the database are identical.
    They unfortunately are not: PRUVersion is 3.6.A.16:20131202 and LMPRUVersion is 3.6.A.16:20131105.

    We don't have any SR:s available so I'm hoping someone here know more about this. It's not that serious for us, we have other ways to inventory our devices, but it's nice having it as a complement.

    Any suggestions are welcome!
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