Hi all,

we have an Vibe Server (SLES V 3.4) running and have more than 30 Clients connecting to it with the Office Add-In, Vibe Desktop Client and with GroupWise 12.
A few users are having problems with they're Vibe Office Add-In, it seems to have restricted access to the files.

Here the problem:
I open Word and then select the Vibe tab. From there I click open and select a word file. Office opens a new Word window and shows me the file. The first thing that I notice is, that the dashboard is not shown in the right. When I click on the Vibe Tab, all the Symbols (Dashboard, lock, refresh, etc.) are grayed out! When I then press "Save", it opens "Save as...". I've tested this in Excel, there it works!

I've checked the rights, they are all OK, even with the admin account, it does not work. On another Client it works all fine. All symbols are activated and a click on "save" makes a new version.

I've tried everything so far... I uninstalled the Vibe-Addin, the Vibe Desktop Client, even Office and reinstalled everything, Same problem... I checked the Add-in options in Word, the settings are the same like on the Client where it works.

The onlything that is reported in the Eventviewer is:

ERROR 2015-01-28 15:24:12,436 Novell.Collaboration.UX.Util.WindowSettings [1] - Unable to load window settings

System.Configuration.ConfigurationErrorsException: Fehler beim Laden des Anbietertyps: Novell.Collaboration.Core.Settings.AppDataSettings Provider, Novell.Collaboration.Common, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null.

bei System.Configuration.ApplicationSettingsBase.get_I nitializer()

bei System.Configuration.ApplicationSettingsBase.Creat eSetting(PropertyInfo propInfo)

bei System.Configuration.ApplicationSettingsBase.Ensur eInitialized()

bei System.Configuration.ApplicationSettingsBase.get_P roperties()

bei System.Configuration.ApplicationSettingsBase.Reloa d()

bei Novell.Collaboration.UX.Util.WindowSettings.Restor eSettings()

Here is our Environment:
-Office 2007 standard (up2date)
-Vibe Office Addin V.
-Vibe Desktop Client V.
-Windows7 Prof. (x32/x64)
-Vibe Sles 3.4
-Groupwise 12.0.2
-Java 8 Update 31
-Proxyserver is in our Network (I've tried both settings, ON/OFF in the Account management from the Add-In)

Can someone please help us out? I dont want to reinstall the OS just for that Add-in!

Thank you in advanced