We're in the middle of a large refresh of several models of computers. We're using hardware-independent images with add-ons for the specific model and then allowing all apps to install once the computers have installed the ZAA and rebooted. Occasionally, one of the larger apps does not finish distributing down to the ZenCache folder. When that happens, we cannot get the app to install or verify. The only fix we've found is to delete everything in the ZenCache folder manually and then refresh the app again. It seems like the agent should realize when the distribution was interrupted and either resume or start over, but it doesn't seem to be doing that. This is a simple application, it just copies the EXE setup program to a temp folder on the C: drive and then silently executes the setup program. So, the process seems to be that the agent copies the bundle to the ZenCache, then writes it out to the C: drive, and then executes it. Everything works fine as long as the distribution part isn't interrupted. I was hoping I could add a "Distribute Files" action to the Verify option, but it isn't there. Verify Install Action doesn't work in this case since it never gets to the point of the install actions if the Distribute Files doesn't complete successfully.