We've got a mailbox that looks just fine in the Windows client, but in
webaccess, it appears to be empty.

This began last week as a situation where only some messages were
invisible. Messages in any folder that was free of mail dated 1/28/15
(the date when it all started) could still be seen in webaccess. In
fact, a couple of folders in the cabinet each had a message from that
date, and all mail could be seen therein. But as time went on, all the
mail became invisible to webaccess.

Moving all the inbox mail from the "bad" date into a separate folder did
not restore visibility to the inbox.

All the analyze/fix GWChecks that I have run indicate no problems. I
noted at one point that there were two entries for "All Users" in its
proxy access list, so it got the /proxyfix option during one of those
gwcheck passes, and that cleared up that little issue.

This particular mailbox is a fairly important means of contact with our
customers, so I have to be pretty careful with it. It's also important
that it be usable via webaccess, so declaring "you have to use the
client" isn't really an option.