These are some thoughts about features I would like to see implemented that would push ZCM to being a beyond premiere product in the market. Currently a Senior Desktop Engineer working with ZCM 11.2.4 on a daily basis for a 5 site 3000+ user organization.

1. WMI Queries as Policy, Bundle, Bundle Step, Dynamic Workstation Group, and Registration filters and the ability to call their methods (Example: oItem.Enable)
2. Creation of Bundle Step Action templates
3. Copy Bundle Steps from one page to another (Install to Uninstall)
4. Simplify agent (Single MSI with properties. One such useful property would be to make the agent not register Example: (DONOTREGISTERDEVICE=0) or generate GUID upon installation so you could put it safely into a OS image)
5. Make ZENworks Admin Console either fully compatible with Chrome or make a non browser/java based application for the admin console.
6. Verbose bundle activity on Show Bundle Activity (Such as how it appears in the "Show Progress Window")
7. Bundle Version as variable (This would allow the version to be specified as and allow your to make a display name as "Google Chrome ${BUNDLEVERSION}")
8. Run actions as a specified administrator (UN / PW). So during agent install, the agent would have full rights to the workstation and able to execute tasks as the limited user but with full rights.
9. ZENworks Explorer desktop icon option in policy configuration
10. Microsoft Deployment Toolkit Support (Free Product)
11. "Allow User to Perform Uninstall" filter criteria (So that it is not based on the bundle itself being installed and the uninstall button can show up based on that criteria, as an option of course.)
12. Make editing ZIS data a scriptable process from within Windows PE x86 and x64. This would allow an admin to deploy an image, write ZISdata during a ask sequence based on variables and allow the ZCM agent to do the rest or on command via a command line switch or argument.
13. Folder Exists Filter, More Service based filters such as service startup mode, service enabled, service disabled.