Hi All,

I'm looking at ways at monitoring patch levels across our estate, and I would like to make use of the dashboard section under patch management. I have followed the instructions in setting this up (under configuration -> dashboard and trending) and tried several different settings for scheduling to no avail.
All I see on the dashboard is a pie chart detailing 4 PC's (called test1, test2... etc) - basically what looks like demo data. If I click 'update dashboard report' nothing happens.

I have looked at the loader messages and the only thing I can find relating to the dashboard is this:->
[TRACE] [02/18/2015 21:00:33.025] [2580] [ZENLoader] [175] [] [QueueAdminImpl] [] [Scheduling simple action=audit.dashboard.prune.queue.id,null] [] [] [] [ZENServer]

which appears to repeat every 4 hours.

I sense I am missing something very obvious here, can anyone help please?