Just installed the reporting server a few days ago. When installing, it asked
me to specify admin groups, which I did (the list shown was obviously our AD
groups.) I specified 4 of our AD groups that have admin rights elsewhere.

I can login as myself and appear to be an "Organization Admin". I can view
users but am not offered any way to modify or add users.

The supposed default logins are all not working, e.g. jasperadmin/jasperadmin.
So I can't see any way at all to create new users or fully manage the
reporting server.

What am I missing? I can even see the "jasperadmin" user when I log in as
myself and Manage > Users, but I don't have any ability to do anything with it,
and the given password doesn't seem to work for it (yes, using lowercase.)

Thanks for any help, because I'm a bit hamstrung if I can't add users and
assign rights, even if it does pick up the initial login & password for
everyone from AD.

-- DE