We keep hitting an issue when trying to execute 'install action' powershell scripts on x64 agents.

We have now had two issues, one with a 'Define your own script' and another with 'Specify file on managed device'

Theses bundles work fine on x86 agents. (we also have launch action, run script, powershell scripts that work OK on both x86 and x64)

Debug log from the Install action, Run Script, 'Specify file on managed device' issue shows
[DEBUG] [02/25/2015 16:07:25.761] [1892] [ZenworksWindowsService] [46] [] [BundleManager] [] [Error is: An error occurred while executing the program. Error is: Access to the path is denied.
This action has to run as Dynamic Administrator, otherwise the script doesn't achieve the required results (installing fonts). Again, this works fine on x86 agents.

We thought it was an 11.2.x issue, but have tried with all agents from 11.2.3 to 11.3.2 (latest) and all fail.

Further digging seems to show that temporary xml files are being created under C:\WINDOWS\TEMP and the agent is setting acls' for the DAU user, etc. However, when it tries to execute we get the "Access to the path is denied" error....

Has anyone else experienced this kind of issue?