I have read in the ZENworks Configuration Management - Best Practices Guide

"The Primary Server and the managed devices being awakened are on separate IP subnets. The
the router or switch is not configured to pass subnet broadcasts, but a Satellite Server exists on
the subnet. In this case, you can configure the satellite device to act as a WOL proxy to wake up
the devices on its subnet."

How can I configure the satellite server to act as a WOL proxy?
In the Novell Zenworks Controll Center I have already configure satellite for Authentication, Collection, Content, Imaging, and i set in the Management Zone settings-> Device Management -> Wake-on-Lan -> Wake-on-LAN Timeout Settings. I cannot find any wake on lan option in the stattelite server-> settings -> Device management.

I use sles11 for satellite server.

Thank you for your help.
Szabolcs Sandor