We had a major system melt-down last night which resulted in the OES server requiring filesystem repairs (running on EXT3).
The result of the file system repair was a number of missing files, including several userxxx.db files.
I forced the system to recreate the missing userxxx.db files, but now I need to restore their content.

Tech support suggested that I restore the system from my latest backup tapes to a different server, then install and configure a POA to run against the restored system.
The lack of a MTA prevents delivery attempts and users can point their client to the second POA, archive desired content to their local drive, reconnect to the production server and unarchive to their production accounts.

Unfortunately, I can not discover a way to install the POA without running the main installation process.
I can install and configure a GW 2012 POA, but to my knowledge, that POA can't use the files from a 2014 system.

Any suggestions?
If I installed and configured a 2012 POA, would the GW 2014 installation process allow for upgrading that POA independent of any other actions?