With ZCM 11.2.3a I had a bundle for Adobe Air that would copy a file eulaAccepted to a specific directory.

I have a new zone that I imported this old bundle into, and in troubleshooting I noticed that the action to copy the file was missing.

I then attempted to recreate that action in the imported bundle and into a newly created bundle. I can select the file without an extension but it doesn't show up in my action.

I have the upload extension (XPI) installed on this FireFox and I have everything running properly on an Internet Explorer build, both fail in uploading the file with no extension.

As indicated previously, this used to work fine in 11.2.3a but I received no warning when importing the bundle that this action was not going to be imported.

This is a bug and I believe should be fixed. Any word on this, and has anyone else noticed a similar issue? Has this been addressed?