GroupWise 14.0.1 HP1 on SLES11SP3/OES11SP2


we experience problems with the auto refresh feature of webaccess: after
start of webaccess it works a while, then stops; after rctomcat6 restart the
same again.

Webaccess is on it's own server outside a firewall (DMZ); Port 8500 from the
POAs to webaccess is available. In the other direction, from Webaccess to
POAs the SOAP Ports are available - port 8500 isn't needed in that
direction, is it?

I'm also aware of the recommendation from another thread to change from to "the webaccess server IP" - but if I
understand correctly in that context they had Webaccess and POA on the same
server. Should I set it to the Webaccess IP or POA IP.

One more question, just for my understanding: if there are 3 POAs - does
Webaccess need SOAP access to all 3 seperately, or can it access mailboxes
of all POAs "through" one POA?