Upgraded from Groupwise 2012.0.3 to Groupwise 2014.0.1 Everything went fine with the upgrade process. The existing GWIA on our primary domain upgraded fine and is working with not problems. The problem comes in when trying to create a second GWIA in any domain, primary or secondary.

I connect to the domain, go to Internet Agents, click new, fill out the info and after a few seconds I get "Internet Agent "GWIA" creation failed." Looking in the domain wpgate directory I can see that the gwia folder was created and the wpcin and wpcout folders where created and a couple of files under that but nothing else. The rest of the folder structure is not there, ie defer,dsnhold, gwhold...etc.

I am pretty certain I am doing it correctly as I am able to create multiple GWIAs on my test server using the same process. It seems cut and dry. The only difference is that my live environment was upgraded from 2012 and my test server was a clean install of 2014.

Anyone have any ideas what may be happening?