Hi guys,

We have migrated to a new database, using Microsoft SQL 2008. In this
change the database schema (fields) have changed in the new database but
this has been reflected in the mapping rules.

We are getting the following error when adding a user membership to a
group. Both user and group are associated to the driver.

Can someone please offer me their opinion on why this user does not go
into the group. Thank you.

[11/09/11 13:32:34.470]ATACENTRAL2 PT:SELECT * FROM
dirxmllog.DC_DirXML_EventLog WHERE status = 'N' ORDER BY record_id ASC
[11/09/11 13:32:34.501]ATACENTRAL2 PT:BEGIN Row.
[11/09/11 13:32:34.501]ATACENTRAL2 PT: record_id: 615385
[11/09/11 13:32:34.502]ATACENTRAL2 PT: table_key:
[11/09/11 13:32:34.502]ATACENTRAL2 PT: status: 'N'
[11/09/11 13:32:34.502]ATACENTRAL2 PT: event_type: 1; insert field
[11/09/11 13:32:34.503]ATACENTRAL2 PT: perpetrator: 'dbo'
[11/09/11 13:32:34.503]ATACENTRAL2 PT: table_name:
[11/09/11 13:32:34.503]ATACENTRAL2 PT: column_name: 'groupID'
[11/09/11 13:32:34.504]ATACENTRAL2 PT: old_value: NULL
[11/09/11 13:32:34.504]ATACENTRAL2 PT: new_value: 'AANewGroup'
[11/09/11 13:32:34.504]ATACENTRAL2 PT:END Row.
[11/09/11 13:32:34.505]ATACENTRAL2 PT:Receiving DOM document from
[11/09/11 13:32:34.505]ATACENTRAL2 PT:
<nds dtdversion="2.0" ndsversion="8.x" xmlns:jdbc="urn:dirxml:jdbc">
<product build="20100817_0504" instance="DC-LUKE"
version="3.5.5">DirXML Driver for JDBC</product>
<contact>Novell, Inc.</contact>
<status event-id="615385" level="error" type="driver-general">
<description>Invalid row: 615385. Invalid value for column
'table_key'. Incomplete key. Number of RDNs does not match number of
columns in key.</description>
[11/09/11 13:32:34.508]ATACENTRAL2 PT:No input transformation
[11/09/11 13:32:34.508]ATACENTRAL2 PT:Applying schema mapping
policies to input.
[11/09/11 13:32:34.509]ATACENTRAL2 PT:Applying policy:
[11/09/11 13:32:34.509]ATACENTRAL2 PT:Resolving association
[11/09/11 13:32:34.510]ATACENTRAL2 PT:No event transformation
[11/09/11 13:32:34.510]ATACENTRAL2 PT:Applying publisher filter.
[11/09/11 13:32:34.511]ATACENTRAL2 PT:Publisher processing status for