Hello everybody,

i'm a IDM beginner. I searched already for a solution and found this
one: 'IDM Toolbox: howto create missing OUs on the fly | Novell User
Communities' (http://www.novell.com/communities/zh-hans/node/11254)


I set up a eDir2eDir (eDir to identity vault) driver with mirrored
structure. Now I have recognized, that my identity vault only creates
missing user objects,
if the destination ou exists (this is a good behaviour, but in my case
not good).

Our source (eDirectory -this should be the only one, which is allowed
to create
ou's in the IDV) has many ou's. I think it is not very clever to create
them manually.

Related to the solution I have found:

Is this the only way to create missing ou's? Or what is the practicable

Thanks for your help.

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