Hi everyone!

I need to install remote loader and password sync filters on 8 DCs. One
of them will be my Remote Loader and all the 7 others will have pass
sync filter installed. Until now, it's ok, but my problem is: any DC is
on separated vlan protected by corporate firewall. My ask is about
firewall rules to:

1. 7 DCs send the password change event to the DC has remote loader
2. the Remote Loader DC send that event to IDM engine (from 8090 to
what kind of TCP ports? Any?)
3. the Remote Loader DC send back a password change event. This will
occour inside the Active Directory sync process or not?

Thank you so much!

My best regards,

Alan Cota.

* Alan Cota | Brazil.
CNE | ISM & Security Specialist.
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