Lets say I want to check the value of a user's group membership, but the
user belongs to more than 1 group.
(This is just an example so I can get to understand the concept

I will not be able to do a simple if group membership = group correct?
As there is more than 1 value.

I will need to use the built-in variables node-set and current-node
etc. correct?

This is what I have created so far using examples I have found:

set local variable = ("GroupValue",Nodeset(XPath("empty")))
-- This will create an empty array correct?
for each
Source Attribute("Group Membership")
set local variable("GroupValue",nodeset(Local

Where I have the "???" I am confused... I know I must get the value of
the current "node" of the Group Membership attribute, just how I am

After that, I want to check the value of each "node" to see if it
equals the value of a Group...

For this I will need to do something like:

for each
Local Variable("GroupValue")

And again I am stuck...

Any help will be appreciated, I want to develop my XPath skills further
hence the request for assistance.

Craig Cikara

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