I have recently been asked to create a password expiration email notice.
I have found SRV_PWNotify, like it very much and am sure that it will
do everything I need plus more.

Let me explain my environment...
I am going to install the SRV_PWNotify in my File & Print Tree which is
connected to my IDV via an eDir-eDir driver. I am NOT being permitted
to allow email address to flow from the IDV to the F&P tree. This is
causing a problem in setting up the SRV_PWNotify driver in that tree
since it cannot grab an email address to send the notification to.

Is there a way to have the SRV_PWNotify driver talk to the eDir-eDir
driver to get the email addr from the IDV?

I know this would be significantly easier if I could either put the
SRV_PWNotify driver in the IDV or allow email addr to flow through but
those options currently are not available....

any help would be appreciated....

- Todd F.

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