Hi everyone,
I know this question has been asked here for a couple of times before
but i havent seen any clear simple awnser.
I've got the Entitlements Service impemented in my organization.
Everything is just fine.

Well, there is an couple of Entitlements called "Permission" that im
intrested to Revoke(/Remove) when user is leaving the organization via a
Driver (although the entitlement was given by WF. the reason is that via
driver its less complicated..) [the entilement looks like that -
cn=Permission,cn=ERP,cn=DriverSet,o=icc-il#1#<ref><src>AF</src><id>cd176f1674f04a0ea8a2dabde98e8720:e6aa4f04d 44d4b66aecc3034267f2274</id><param>XXCAL_HR_OLM_SELF_SERVICE@OTA</param></ref>

Well, for now, when a user is supposed to leave - the following action
via the driver is running on it:
<token-entitlement name="Permission"/>
<do-remove-dest-attr-value name="ENT">
<arg-value type="string">
The action which supposed to run after the ENT is revoked is running
and its okay but the only wrong thing is that the entitlement stays with
the #1# (Ent Enabled).
the only final thing we need it a simple action right after the
previous action to set the entitlement Disabled (#0#).

What action can be entered? (there is no "Remove Entitlement" or
somthing simple..)

THanks a LOT guys you are greate!!!

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