We have a rather simple JDBC (Oracle 11g) driver that is a subscriber to
eDir (we're not publishing to eDir)

If we rename an eDir account, it's not going over to the database.
Oh, this is indirect via a View, BTW

I saw two diff. things in older posts (from like 2007).

One seemed to indicate you had to manually do a stored procedure to
deal with this

The other (from Geoff) seemed to indicate that you'd use a transform
(although in that thread, the person was publishing to eDir, not the
other way around) like:

"you would need a pub event transform like

if op-attr accesscardnumber changing to regex ".+"
rename dest-obj to op-attr accesscardnumber"

In our case, we are matching on GUID, and we have CN mapped to
"user_id" in the database

I see in the trace logs that a rename just shows up as a rename.
There's no operational attribute of like: cn or "old-src-dn" or anything
in the trace logging.

So do we need to do something like set a variable to "new-name" value
(I think that's what shows up in the trace log) and then set destination
attribute "cn" to that value?

Or do we need to literally do a stored procedure (we know that it's not
a rights problem because we can manually execute a set of SQL statements
and rename the user_id for that user).

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