So last year or two we did a DirXML Script contest. Looking for the
coolest examples people could submit.

I thought it was a lot of fun, and some interesting ideas suggested.

Any one up for another one this year?

I would like to change it up a bit, and am looking for ideas. How about
something related to Packaging? This is a new feature in IDM4 and it is
new enough not to have lots of tricks and tips out there yet.

As an example, I was playing with dependencies in packages, trying to
see if I could stage an upgrade to many components via dependencies in
one Package and have that require upgrades to all the others. This way
I could hand the ops guys a stack of packages, and they would apply one
per driver, and the dependency resolver would make sure everything was cool.

Well turns out lots of issues there. It sort of works, BUT.

So I am not looking for things you cannot do, per se, but rather neat
things you can do with Packages.

(IF you have not noticed, the docs are basically non-existant for
anything beyond the most trivial Packaging stuff, so lets build them

If you are new to Packages, you can read my thoughts in this series of

I am still thinking about how to phrase this, and offer it as a real
contest, so open to ideas if you have them.