I am trying to figure out what and where componets should be installed
for an Advanced integrated silent installation of 4.01.

After sifting out the terminology changes, I am lost on is what the
Documentaiton refers to in section 2.2 as "Auditing and Reporting".
The diagram shown shows the "User Appication" aka RBPM, and the
"Reporting Module" on the same server. Ok, But can the reporting module
be on its own server?

It shows EAS installed on a server by itself. (Or with Sentinal)

For requerments, the section basically says see; "Identity Reporting
Module Guide"
Where in section 1.1 "About the Identity Reporting Module", and it
says: "The core of the reporting module is the Identity Information
Ok, that makes sense, but where is the "Identity Information Warehouse"
and how do you install it and what are the requirements?

And no where can I find, is there any requirements for EAS.
I see it mentions, "The Event Auditing Service (EAS) is an appliance
that runs on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 (32-bit and 64-bit). You
need to launch the installer for EAS on a SUSE Linux Enterprise Server
So if it is an appliance, why do you need "SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11"?

An appliance, in most peoples minds, seems like an applicance, would
create the files system and OS on its own.
But ok, it needs "SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11".

How much RAM? Any hints on Disk space?


Thank You for your help!

Jim Willeke