I am not sure if I see a Designer artifact of testing a new patch with
NTS, or if a bunch of new packages were released. (PS: Do you guys see
about 10 new Packages available?)

Regardless the issue still remains. As much as I love IDM, the
documentation folk make me want to scream.

So something I really really want, is detailed notes on what has changed
in each Package revision.

So when a new Package rev comes out, I was hoping we could as a group
volunteer to look at the current package (say 1.0.5) and then the new
version (1.0.6) and see what differs.

The easiest way to do this is deploy a driver at 1.0.4 to a real tree.
Then in Designer upgrade the package to 1.0.5, and do a compare. This
will show you all the changes. Why do the hard stuff, let Designer
do it! (NOw I would love a Package Compare function to say, show me
the diffs between 1.01 and 1.06 of this package, but I also dream alot).

Then write up what the changes are, so we all can share in the
knowledge. I suspect a Wiki would be the way to go to track this stuff.

We all need to know this stuff, and we all can benefit, so maybe we
should get together and do it? Any takers?

One way to start would be to work through the common drivers, like AD,
eDir, GW, etc. And Common packages like Password Notification. All of
which have had minor tweaks since release.