I am trying to install the IDM 4.0.1 Engine and Remote Loader Patch 2.
I am selecting to install the Metadirectory patch only. I have followed
the Readme *5108670* and have opted for a GUI install (have tried the
silent install as well). However after starting ./install.sh the
installation fails with the following error:

Upgrade Failed.
Check logs, start edirectory and remote loader services if not started.
Logs are located at, /tmp/logs/IDMPatchInstall.log

The only entry in this log file is the above error.

Any ideas what could be wrong. I have tried this via Putty and at the

SLES 11 x86_64 sp1 for VMWare
eDirectory 8.8 sp 6
Patching a 4.0.1 engine.

Thank you ahead!

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