I've the following scenario:
An user has the name in the MS SQL database like id=011 as the primary
key and in the directory is this the cn=011.
The matching attribute is the cn.
I've a second user in the directory, who has an underscore in the cn
like cn=0_1.
When I sync the user in the JDBC Driver, I can see in trace for the
matching policy the SQL statememt like this:

SELECT id FROM database WHERE id LIKE '0_1' ESCAPE '\' ORDER BY id

The driver found the user 011 and get the error message for the 0_1

Error Code(-9063)Object matching policy found an object already

I found in the web, that the statement like '0_1' means find object
that starts with 0, any character ( underscore is a placeholder ) , and
ends with 1.

What can I do?
The JDBC Version 3.5.4 and 3.5.8 has the same problem.

Greetings Arno

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