Novell Identity Manager 3.6.1
Windows Server 2003
JDBC Driver triggerless mode with MySQL Database 5.0.x

Hello I have view definition which holds the following records in
following columns

view columns:


view values per row


the driver schema mapping pk_login is mapped to the CN, and from the
driver filter I have set CN attribute as notify on the publisher and
none on the subscriber

Matching policy is configured to match users in IDM based on the CN

When I perform Migrate into Identity Vault on the jdbc driver with
selection criteria (All in User Class), the driver synchronize only
the "user1" from the first row which is associated object, it does not
sync all the values of the user1 in other rows from the view.

How can driver process all the rows for user1 from the view to the
identity vault with synchronization process?

Any help would be appreciated..


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