I will soon have to add Users To Groups in Lotus Notes, so to get
prepared I am asking some Questions

I found a piece of code , what it Does is adding a user to Deny Access
Group by doing the following

1- Acquire the Notes Deny Access Group UNID, using the name of the
group as the DN to query

2 - Working with Notes Deny Access Group UNID as an association to add

the code is here : '<rule> <description>Acquire the Notes Deny Access
Group UNID</description> - Pastebin.com' (http://pastebin.com/KF0qxu4V)

My questions

- Is that the same way to Acquire the Group UNID ( query on the groupe
- Is that the same way to add users to other types of groupes (other
than Deny Access)? knowing that my Notes Groupes are not associated in


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